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A word that is sent to millions of people who subsribe to the urban dictionary mailing list. The creator of the word and the word become instantly famous.
My dream is to one day publish the Word of the Day.
by dimelis_16 May 09, 2007
Author of catcher in the rye.
After becoming so famous he became a hermit and does not leave his house, do interviews, or anything.
J.D. Salinger just sits in his house and waits to die.
by dimelis_16 May 09, 2007
To have the appearence of being on crack.
Does not neccessarily mean you are on drugs, but you probably are.
Whitney Housten isn't on crack, but she sure looks crackish.
by dimelis_16 May 12, 2007
A kick ass football team, that while it sucks now was very good in the past. Super Bowl good.
Look it up the Raiders won the super bowl.
by dimelis_16 May 09, 2007
Worst case of diarrhea possible.
If you have it definently miss school, work, etc
comes along with leaky poo
I had devastating diarrhea and now i need a new bathroom
by dimelis_16 April 24, 2007

(used to describe girls or something that happened)
i had a c.h.i.s. night last night

o really, what happened

i had sex with this c.h.i.s. chick
by dimelis_16 April 26, 2007
usually accompanied by devastating diarrhea
it is like diarrhea but a little more firm
my leaky poo was so bad i missed school
by dimelis_16 April 24, 2007

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