theres a hole in australia somewhere in australia called woop woop
oi, we gotta get back to woop woop bro to get us some kanga before johnny taxes us again
by scott January 27, 2005
The noise made when you have the walkin farts to cover the embarrassing sounds excreated by the poop cutter.
"Woop Woop Woop Woop....."
"Damnit Granma you got the walkin farts again?"
by brian March 07, 2005
expression called out at wiggers
bunch of white boyz trying to be ghetto . "hey look at the woop woop's"
by Totalchaos August 09, 2005
the sound accompanying the insertion of a tampon into the vaginal region twice. Used to describe the motion of a tampon and the sound it would make.
when the girl went into the bathroom after school to change her tampon it made a WOOP sond and she was set for 8 hours
by Ben Stein January 12, 2005
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