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3 definitions by LordDeathKill

Of, or related to being a bloke.
Over-interest in machinery, sports, beer, or an unabashed pre-occupation with sex are all very blokey things.
by LordDeathKill May 09, 2007
A place a long distance from an 'urban' centre.

Typically used to describe Outback Australia.
A: I'm gonna be moving soon - new job.
B: Oh yeah? Where'ya goin'?
A: Small place, out woop-woop. Money's good, though.
by LordDeathKill May 09, 2007

Usually a cutesy word you'd only use around your significant other.
A: What's wrong, Hun? You don't look so good...
B: Yeah, got a binnie ache
by LordDeathKill May 09, 2007