The smooth, sensitive area on the arm between the wenis and the wagina.

Nikki ran her fingers deftly across my wooch between my wenis and my wagina
by Mahogany Ride August 11, 2007
A word for just about anything.
1. Some white guy: Hey Bob how your wooch?

Other white guy: Pretty, smooth.

2. Dr. Jones: You little wooch.
by BobJones74 May 05, 2011
another word for female or male genatalia
"I hadn't been a free man in years so I the first thing I was looking for was some wooch."
by OseiBryant May 31, 2012
In the late 1960's, we used the word "wooch" to mean slave.
Obnoxious Brother: "Hey, hand me that pet rock."

Me: "I'm not your wooch!"
by MontanaBanana October 14, 2011
a beyond hot person, works for both male and female, someone that you worship because they are so hot
OMG, Jared Leto is my wooch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lidia Verde May 15, 2006
when you burn yourself and mix "wow and ouch"
"wooch, you're so hot."
by mclovin'''' July 10, 2008
The wooch is the part of a woman that holds her self-esteem. It's what makes her feel good about herself. When she is neglected or rejected, her wooch is hurt and needs to be fixed. A woman is at her best when her wooch is fixed. People who know how to fix a wooch are highly regarded and sought after.
Mary loved being with Paul because he knew just how to fix her wooch when it was bruised or broken. Whether it was a bad meeting at work, a thoughtless boyfriend, or just feeling down, Paul could always sense something was wrong and say just the right things to make her feel good about herself. He didn't try to solve the problem for her, he just made her feel like she was still a great person. Of course, taking her out for dinner or ice cream always helped.
by Parksidemusicman January 24, 2011

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