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1. An adjective describing a state of physical unsteadiness caused by mental state, chemical intoxication or illness.

2. An adjective describing a state of mental unsteadiness caused by mental state, chemical intoxication or illness.

3. An adjective used to describe a concept or situation that is shaky, questionable, uncertain or strange in a way that fosters a lack of trust.
1. "Between that uneven restaurant table, and those 6 beers, I feel a little woobly"

2. "I woke up after partying the other night, and i still felt a little woobly."

3. "That dude offered to sell me 10 E tabs for an even hundred. It was a good deal but something about him was a little woobly, so I declined. "
by Godless Assfuck September 13, 2011
1. the quality of a fabric or fiber that has a lot of texture and is soft and squishable
2. having a blurry or wibbly and squiggly quality but there isn't another really good word to describe its ambiguous squiggly wibblyness
"This woobly yarn makes the fluffiest scarves!"
"Gosh this blanket is so woobly I just want to make a pile of them and lie in it forever."
"The shape? Well it's kind of.... woobly."
by kitkatterson_the23rd August 23, 2013
tatas, titties,boobies, breastises, chesticulars, hooters, boooobs!!!
i fucked the shit out of her wooblies last night.

mmmmmmmmm wooblies

i support wooblies
What a peson is after being released from the hospital having had anesthesia and most often a colonoscopy... a cross between wobbly and woozy -- woobly.
My girlfriend was so woobly afer her colonoscopy she could not drive herself home.
by beachbabe50 February 03, 2010
The original usage came from the not-so-far-from-Boston region of the country when a friend had no other word to describe how he felt about his friend--a girl that he cared for deeply--announcing her marriage to another guy.
T: Well, I just wanted you to know that I'm getting married to John.

J: Okay...I see.

T:Well, how does that make you feel?

J: How does that make me feel?! Honestly, I feel woobly!
by MochaTwistChica January 02, 2010
A word created one drunken night by combining the words Boob and Willy. Given as a nickname to a universally admired bassist, it is now used as a noun to describe someone with exceptional talent on the bass guitar.

"Wow, this band is amazing, they have a woobly"

"One day I want to be a woobly"
by Shhhhhhh17 April 12, 2009
Ye Witch's catchphrase.
Ye Witch:"WOOBLY!"
by Ye Pugh June 14, 2004