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A blunt, or joint of marijuana mixed with cocaine.
Yo kid I killed a fat woobanger to my dome peice
by Treewalker May 26, 2004
100 57
An party of un-rivaled size and scale, involving copious amounts of liquor, drugs, and sex.
Did you hear about the party at Scott's? It's going to be a woobanger.
by McBlome January 10, 2006
87 51
a blunt with crack in it.
"to smoke a woo banger is custy"
29 19
(noun) someone who likes to bang their head while listening to dubstep music (term refers to the song "Woo Boost" by Rusko).
Observer 1: Yo, look at that woo-banger.
Observer 2: I know he's banging his head so hard; I think he's gonna get a concussion!
by afellowbasshead October 10, 2011
1 2
A blunt rolled with crack cocaine. It is incorrect to smoke it with regular cocaine as it will not burn.

Also known as a crackblunt
Yo, dat woobanger hits like a hammer to da face.
by varyouga December 10, 2004
48 58
When the plastic wrapper of a blunt has been burnt at the end to fit the blunt inside. Then a shotgun is blown through the wrapper to ones mouth.
"Damn dawg those woobangers got me high."
by Disgdiertt July 12, 2005
9 67