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Letting your hair grow out. Could be hair, facial hair, body, pubic or all of it.
ex: I'm not cutting my hair for a while im wolfing it.

ex: I need a hair cut im wolfing.

ex: oops cut a little too much off..let it wolf i'll cut you up good next time
by mtooner January 23, 2010
While giving a blowjob, the giver throws up on the penis and then licks up all the sick. How this could possibly be pleasurable I fail to understand.
While giving her partner a blowjob, Elma threw up over his cock and then licked it off.
by Daws April 22, 2004
The process of, whilst fucking someone up the arse, just before the fucker is about to cum he enduces vomiting in the fuckee. apparently this makes it all tight and quite nice.
by bigbox August 18, 2003
The sexual act of doing a women doggy style whilst howling like a wolf and scratching her back vigorously.
So how was last night with Lisa? Pretty sweet I wolfed her good!

Forking sounds a bit dull but I'm up for wolfing!
by BuAba August 31, 2011
Bay area slang for lying.
bob: aye man, i hella taped that ass
fred: naaw, man your wolfing
by angelicababyohyes July 10, 2008
to look scruffy.
I need to go to the barber, I am wolfing.
by Mani January 09, 2003
verb. A more extreme version of shotgunning. With wolfing the person bites the hole in the bottom of the can instead of poking it with a key or knife. Generally only performed by drunk or insane people.
The other night we showed the shotgunning champion that he was a pussy by wolfing in front of his face.
by TheSuze June 21, 2008