verb. A more extreme version of shotgunning. With wolfing the person bites the hole in the bottom of the can instead of poking it with a key or knife. Generally only performed by drunk or insane people.
The other night we showed the shotgunning champion that he was a pussy by wolfing in front of his face.
by TheSuze June 21, 2008
also Wolfing out.

A mofo who BADLY needs a damn haircut!!!
Boy, you look like Teen Wolf wit all that shit on yo head!!!!!
by reggie December 16, 2004
After a large bowl of Wolf Brand Chili, commence to having sex with the misses. (yours or anyone else's). In the doggie position, you withdraw and move to anal. Just at the moment of e-jaculation, push two of your fingers into her mouth.

This will cause her to vomit, which, in turn, causes all sphincters to tighten. Giving a very pleasurable sensation.

You MUST tell her about this beforehand, so she does not bite your fingers off.

You must expect one hell of a Wolf Brand Chili Mess at both ends.
Last night my roommate's girlfreind came by for dinner. He was out of town, so I fed her some chili, then we went to his room for some serious wolfing action
by cstatman October 07, 2005

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