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during anal intercourse your female partner gags herself purposely to constrict her rectum and cause pre-mature ejaculation (thank you miss).
bitch wolfbagged me, and i blasted one up in her.
by cattle battle May 05, 2003
When someone ties a piece of bacon to a string and puts it down their sexual partners throat and then pulls it out when they are having an orgasm to cause them to throw up.
Jessica spewed all over my bed when i wolfbagged her last night.
by Hot-Box April 15, 2009
basically you gag someone during
rear entry, produces vaginal/anal clenching.
bitches pussy was so loose i had to wolf bag her to get a good clench
by 420hitter March 08, 2003
1. A giant bag of wolves.
2. A complete tool bag who has a six pack
3. A person who refers to his/herself by their middle name
4. Synonomous with douchebags
5. A bag full of used feminine products
6. A physical traininer who only trains fellow males
That kid Chris is such a wolfbag.

Wow look at Mike hes being such a wolfbag today.
Our class president is such a wolfbag.
by wbags123 June 30, 2010
another sexual act invovling a male stretching his sack over a womans face.
come here girl lets wolf.
by verbatim April 04, 2005
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