"friend or partner" ... used by Juvenile from Cash Money Records
Holla at lil' wodie if you want that oscar mayer.
by Boomer June 22, 2000
An adolescent white boy drving a souped up coupe (usually a Honda) with his windows down, music way too loud, trying to look gangster; usually drives back and forth on a busy roads and fast food parking lots trying to look cool and draw attention the himself.
"I do not want go to Wendy's tonight. There are too many wodies out."

"I'm tired of all these wodies crowding the movies theater parking lot!"
by Laura Tate October 20, 2007
Where u at?
1 kid: yo wodie
2 kid im hittin this nice party come chilkl
by Murph July 16, 2003
if you take a hot bath, man, it takes out ur wodies for a couple of weeks
by techkai October 02, 2003

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