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Another word for "Grandmother" and "Grandma"
My Gramma bakes delicious angel food cakes.
#grandmother #grandma #old lady #mothers mother #grandpa's wife
by Sparkle N Shine May 05, 2007
This word is my own creation. When I was little, I wanted to call people something to express my anger but I didn't want them to get angry. So, I came up with 'gramma'.

Try it. It really works and nobody gets mad at you.
You are the biggest gramma I 've ever seen.
#gramma #grammi #grammu #gramme #grammeya
by Suhel November 21, 2010
A track star that has a really pointed nose.
omg look at gramma run!
#round nose #grandpa #relative #track #school
by Angellla March 06, 2008
1. the study of the way the sentences of a language are constructed; morphology and syntax.

2. knowledge or usage of the preferred or prescribed forms in speaking or writing.
She said his gramma was sumpin turrible.
#grammer #language #morphology #syntax #spelling
by t0ner December 01, 2006
An Anishinaabemowin term for a person to whom one is very grateful.
For providing great charity to a tribe member he/she may say "thank you gramma".
#indian #native american #chippewa #ojibwa #menominee
by Brandon Levi May 18, 2008
An ananomis name ppl use when talking about someone as to not let anyone find out about who you are really talking about.


A fat old black lunchlady who pushes around trash cans in high school cafaterias
Hey gramma you dumbitch
by shizz December 20, 2003
she's the biggest bitch in the world. She just won't die!!!
My friend loves her death!
by mark April 28, 2003
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