adj.1) anything that's hot, ill, dope fresh, tight, et al. Introduced by Black Rob

noun 2) short for woahday/wodie. A wodie is a friend, partner, compadre, or just a pleasurable acquiantance. This term definitely came from Juvenile... it seems to have started off as describing things as "woah", things that give off a "wow/woah" reaction then became a greeting for meeting pleasurable people "woah!" instead of "hey!", then somehow evolved into a name for those pleasurable people.
1) "anything ill you see, that shit is woah"-BLack Rob 'like woah'
2) "what's up woooahh?" "what's happenin wooahdie?"
by shockley May 22, 2003
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incorrect spelling of whoa
a: woah.
b: you got the letters mixed up.
c: yeah, forget sounding shit out.
by anonymousfuck February 12, 2004
used to express the sudden realization of one's pathetic character and/or behavior
"Woah, I have nothing better to do with my time than to look up the misspelled word 'woah'."
by grammar slammer January 28, 2004
closer to "yeah!" but "woah" expresses surprise rather then affirmation

it's the deformed twin of "whoa!"
Woah....I know kung-fu
by emma beckman January 21, 2005
An alternate spelling of whoa.
"Don't you mean, Whoa?"
by Zach G. January 19, 2004
edit: woah!
by cray April 07, 2003
To add drama to a situation. It could be in a really boring place like Yates with your 'friends' when something really uneventful happens or maybe when you're online and your ex starts talking to you all of a sudden.
*group of friends are sitting around a table and a waitress comes over to collect empty plates. Waitress struggles and almost drops the plates*
Waitress: WOAH.


*someone accidentily goes on facebook chat and clicks online to their 'people I don't want to talk to' group.. 2 seconds later an ex pops up typing your name in capitals*
Crazy ex: BOB!!
You: WOAH.
by frasereraser December 24, 2010
A word used to "Chopse" people, often used in Hereford, England
Woah, nice face you got there!
by Katy X May 14, 2008

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