the cool, acually the COOLEST way to spell WHOA.
"you smell"
*sniffs self*"WOAH"
by a man of many holes April 26, 2006
a statement made when taken by surprise and/or caught off-guard
"woah, woah, i just touched your ass!"
by itsame540 March 21, 2009
Keanu Reeves signature catch phrase.
Morpheus- "Neo, You are The One."
Keanu- "...Woah."
by Kryonus February 13, 2009
What you say when you see a mad had girl and you have no clue what to say
woah...just woah like woah your hot
by mpk311 May 29, 2007
The correct version of the word "Whoa". Often used when in shock.
Woah dude, did you see that?
by ARoomKey August 18, 2011
What you say when you see the new look of Urban Dictionary for the first time.


*searches for "Woah" and makes a new definition for it in honor of the new Urban Dictionary look*
by Keael July 27, 2005
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