filled with excitment, or in shock.
"WOAHHHH! hey look its ena babic!"
by robin :D May 28, 2008
Hold up you crazy you crazy fool.
I'm all wet!

by Poochy August 10, 2006
adj.1) anything that's hot, ill, dope fresh, tight, et al. Introduced by Black Rob

noun 2) short for woahday/wodie. A wodie is a friend, partner, compadre, or just a pleasurable acquiantance. This term definitely came from Juvenile... it seems to have started off as describing things as "woah", things that give off a "wow/woah" reaction then became a greeting for meeting pleasurable people "woah!" instead of "hey!", then somehow evolved into a name for those pleasurable people.
1) "anything ill you see, that shit is woah"-BLack Rob 'like woah'
2) "what's up woooahh?" "what's happenin wooahdie?"
by shockley May 22, 2003

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