Top Definition
1. wish me luck, in online chatting
2. whats my lag? (asking for the users ping)
3. Willy Milly Lagoon - the best place for a first kiss
im gonna ask this chick out, wml
okay dude, good luck
by Iatcgatwp April 11, 2006
Whatever Major Loser
Mercedes: You suck!

Michaelito: W.M.L.!!!
by Nick Ang April 17, 2006
acronym : wish me luck
i'm about to perform; wml
by newgirl233 August 23, 2010
wetting myself laffin betta than lmao or lol. much fun and luff xx
bethanette: hahahaha look at the squirrel
maya: wml
by magap June 02, 2007
Weeds My Life... a line for stoners to use at the end of a sentence after telling a crazy high time story
My mom asked me why my eyes are red, I told her I have laser vision. WML
by WeedzMyLife June 06, 2011
What's My Lag: an abrieviation often used in online gaming, when one seeks to inquire the latency of his internet connection.
Joe: WML?
Sam: If your connection were an animal, it would lose a race to a sloth.
by sdaf February 15, 2005

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