The best by far out of all 50 states. We some of the friendliest folk you will ever find. Although some of our people speak with a kind of Canadian accent buts thats more to the north. By far the best city is Milwaukee, home to the Milwaukee Brewers. Theres lots to do in Wisconsin such as Summerfest, deer hunting, going to the Dells (Home to Americas largest waterpark), hanging by Lake Michigan, and many others. We also have the most famous football team in the leauge the Green Bay Packers (who by the way won the first and second Super Bowls so all you other states can suck it.) Wisconsins state animal is the Badger which is a very beautiful animal. And even the Super Bowl trophy is named after our famous coach Vince Lombardi. The weather is always nice except it can drastically change on the spot. Overall Wisconsin is the best place to live. The Packers are known to have a very huge rivalry with the Chicago Bears (who suck) and the Minnesota Vikings (also suck.)
Packers Vs. Bears in Green Bay

Bears Fan: Booo Packers suck!!!

Packer Fan: Hey dir friend nice to see you here at the game.

Bears Fan: Booo Packers su..what?

Packers Fan: I said welcome to wisconsin friend.

Bears Fan: Damn Urban Dictionary didn't lie when they said people from Wisconsin were friendly.
by Jokesterpants June 25, 2009
According to Family Guy Wisconsin is the the sanctuary of fat people which being a Wisconsinite I can say that is very very true.
"Lois, everyone has their sanctuary. The Catholics have churches, fat people have Wisconsin, and I have the Pawtucket Brewery."
- Peter in Wasted Talent
by Jokesterpants June 25, 2009
Wisconsin. Supposedly home of a cow in every backyard, cheese filling the fridge, accents like dis eh?, drunk 9 year olds, tractors on every road, and blizzards in July. No.

Wisconsin has farms and farmers, yes, but that's not all of us. Actually, that's not most of us. Most people here live in cities. Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay. No farmers there. And that's just a few of the big ones. I'm from Wisconsin and I don't even like cheese that much. Most of us don't make our own cheese or anything like that. We buy some from Wal-Mart.

You hear those news reporters on TV? That is how our accents are, excluding the most northern part of Wisconsin. That accent is called "Standard midwestern", and is what most of the people from Wisconsin speak with.

Not everybody is a heavy drinker, but we do have our fair share. We know what the drinking age is, people.

We have old crappy trucks, we have brand new Porsche's, though most of us fall somewhere inbetween.

We don't just have winter, winter, winter and winter. We have 4 distinct seasons. Winters are very, very cold and snowy, yes. But spring is rainy and warmer, not snowy and cold. Summer is blazing hot and extremely sunny. Fall is cool and crisp, with beautiful colors everywhere.

We don't sit around on our rocking chairs with shotguns loaded, either. We have laptops and iPhones and flat-screen TVs and malls and video games. Wisconsin is normal.
Wisconsinite: Uhh..not really. *texts on iPhone*
by mynameisme. August 07, 2011
1. Cold
2. Football
3. Bitches that fuck to feel "special" (hell yeh, bud!)
4. WOO BEER, let's get drunk! Drinking age ~13
5. Cows
6. Cheese?
7. High school kids that make me wonder why there's not more bomb threats and school shootings (Yikes!)
8. Summer fest/Highway 100/Madison - Hurray!
"Hey bud! What's up!?"
"Nothing, what are you up to?"
"Nothing, wanna smoke?"
"Sure, bud!"

Drunk underage female on the Eastside, Wisconsin: "I really wanna fuck you... right now"

10 minutes later..

25 Year Old Male: "How old ar... nevermind.. pass me my beer, bitch"
by I'm Emo, but I rock Abrecrombie November 09, 2006
The only place in the country where the youth can drink legally...
Under parental supervision.

Kids at a party with alcohol need at least a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21 with a valid drivers license, in the premises for the kids to drink alcohol.
Kid 1: Dude I'm drunk of my ass,

Kid 2: I wish I can drink, but I gotta be 21 or older

Kid 1: Dude! Move to Wisconsin, you just need a parent to be in the same room with you to drink!
by SininWiscon September 09, 2009
Better schools than all you other stupid people in our country. Better state than Illinois. Oh, there really is cheese that tastes like ass, but no one eats it except old people. Home of the Green Bay Packers. People in Cancun like the Packers. Wisconsin is the best! We rock!
Cheese head!
by Joe August 14, 2003
We have all four seasons, our summers are hot and our winters are cold. We have cities and country sides, and lots of fresh water. The people here work hard and drink harder. Beer is a form of currency and drank like water. We have the highest bar to person ratio in the nation and beer is served everywhere from family gatherings to church picnics. Wisconsin sells their beer in cases (30 beers) so if you walk into a party with a 6 pack of beer people will know you’re from Illinois, call you a FIB and tell you to get out. Our colleges pre-game harder than the rest of the nation parties. It’s called a bubbler here, not a drinking fountain. Our politicians do what is right, not popular, and we support them for that. We put cheese on everything and last but not least, we’re crazy about the Packers. GO! PACK! GO!
Welcome to Wisconsin. The land of beer, brats and cheese. We're just great people just looking to have a good time.
by Wisconsin's finest February 14, 2013
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