A person who is completely incapable of eating anything without having it go all over their face. Like a small child, this person will also not clean up after themselves, call people mummy and needs constant care.
Steph: Did you go to lunch today with your boyfriend.

Courtney: Ugh....yeah, hes such a Winston, its disgusting.
#winston #child #manchild #mummy #bitch girlfriend
by magspell December 03, 2011
The male reproductive organ; the penis.
Steve's eyes widened as the man's Winston overtook him.
#penis #dick #cock #fuck stick #pole #meatstick #meat stick #fuckstick #witnson #churchill #winston churchill #sex organs #reproductive system #reproductive organs #silly
by Guy Johnson April 17, 2006
Every girl has one, he’s the friend there boyfriends hate. Any hint of trouble and he’s there telling her she can do better. With impeccable timing he appears in her hour of need to comfort and support her. The sad thing is she thinks he’s a sweetie and her best friend, he just wants to get into her pants but doesn’t have the guts 2 ask her out.
Lucy: I cant believe he could be so insensitive.

Winston: don’t worry babe, you can do loads better. Tell you what, come over my house and I’ll make you dinner then we can snuggle on the sofa and watch films together.
#creep #sneek #snake #oppertunist #slimy
by winston's girl August 23, 2010
a jerk, uncaring asshole, who does not give a thought to how anyone else feels.
me & winston went to a restaurant and winston gets the number of a waitress and tries to say it was the guy the front but when we leave he stops and gets the number of the guy at the front.
#asshole #jerk #uncaring #feels #stops
by thegirlyoullneverget April 03, 2011
The term used to describe the male penis after just having had sex. Also the term carried until the male washes his penis after intercourse. Note: having sex with a different women on a "Winston" is a "Super Winston."
Dude, I totally have a winston right now. or: Dude, I just did her with a winston.
#sex #winston #vagina #aftersex #intercourse
by mustang0341 June 22, 2011
Pretty much the most disgusting cigarette known to man-kind.
"Don't smoke Winstons, they suck."
#marlboro #camel #pall mall #newport #parliaments
by radioactive pants November 21, 2009
(Win - Stun) n. (1) Figs imaginary story about how winburn used to be called winston but in 1930 it was burned and some ghost is haunting winburn... (2)complete bullshit
Fig: in 1930 winburn used to be called winston but it was burned down and some lil girl was stuck so they changed it to winburn
Spyder: nigga shut winburn is named after a doctor that graduated from southern in 1960 i looked it up this mornin
Fig: Sooooooooooooooooooo.....
Big D: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
#bullshit #jargon #idiot #winburn #asshole
by Winburn November 19, 2007
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