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native american for first born daughter.
the first daughter born to a couple.
winona is hiawatha's mother. i am winona as was my mother and her mother.
by 4dogs1pig February 01, 2010
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Shoplifting. Named after famed movie star and convicted shoplifter Winona Ryder, who first stole our hearts in such gems as Heathers and Beetlejuice.
Eric got busted for pulling a Winona.
I'm gonna go Winona me some condoms.
by Psychobillypimp January 27, 2003
A Winona is someone who has a short attention span and gets nervous extremely easily. They are also very hyper.
Girl: I'm so excited for tonight. I just ran around my house naked.
Guy: Wow. You're such a Winona.
by SomeoneFromSomewhereAtSometime November 17, 2008

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