Exclusive club for people who like games and have no life.
Fatman: (Nerd Voice) "So are we gonna LAN DOW TONIGHT?" (Nerd Inhale)

Normal guy: "Wow u guys are total winners"
by Dirtybastard 01 August 02, 2008
Willyum Shin
An asian person whos very handsome and has so much swag he can donate it to the whole continent of Africa.
Guy #1: Dude is that guy who I think it is? The winner?
Guy #2: Yup thats Willyum Shin.
by BromeoShin June 15, 2011
adj. excellent, high quality; of or relating to BROTRR, Rigism or Stellar Stone
Dude, that was BEYOND WINNER!
Thanks. Yours is WINNER too.

Long live SoApBoX for his WINNER dedication to RIGISM!
by Rigist May 06, 2006
An extremely useful phrase in the petty world of masculine point-scoring in which many of us dwell.

It is used immediately after some form of victory has been attained. The scale of this victory is irrelevant. The phrase simply serves to rub salt in to the wound. It is used in all variety of situations and always to great comic effect.
"Oh my days, look at the shark, WINNNAARR"
by morgangills February 23, 2005
Synonymous with loser.
One who, when faced with an unfamiliar computer command prompt, types "win".
Ref.: MicroSoft Windows 3.0, 3.1, WFW 3.11.
nadly@pr0nb0x:~/images/pr0n$ win
by Nadly Johnson January 04, 2003
A loser who sucks at losing...
The special olympics kid who always wins, is a loser, but he never loses which ultimately makes him a winner.
by Chris LeComte April 19, 2007
Cheaters that don't get caught.s
Bush TOTALLY won the '00 election
by Anti October 25, 2004
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