someone who is cool, the can dress, they're sexy, and they KNOW they're better then everyone else around them.
samantha: hey did you see what Jewel, and Kirstin were wearing today?
sarah: yeah, they're SUCH winners, i wish i was them!!
by Jewel kirstin January 31, 2009
Cheaters that don't get caught.s
Bush TOTALLY won the '00 election
by Anti October 25, 2004
somthing you would say in celebration.
"guess what we won 10 nill 2day. "winner. or "yer winner
by bindipper October 19, 2003
a winner is when a guy is having sex with a chick and goes out as hard and as fast as possible in order to come VERY quickly. When he does he shouts, "WINNER" in her face!
Spike is a winner all the time
by penguin July 23, 2003
nicole always wins, no matter what kevin says. i win, everyone else must bow to my rule. remember hunny, i always win, and i love you, so deal with it.
and the winner is
dramatic drumroll
by donner's girl May 02, 2005
Someone's who natural better than everyone
That guy is just such a winner
by Winner08 May 20, 2015

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