A badass who's most likely in the military. Extremely smart, courageous, and swift. Usually extremely successful.
Henry Winkler.
#winkle #vinkler #tinkler #vinkle #winklet
by Zachariah Manciewicz October 25, 2009
Top Definition
A non-verbal form of communication used by men and women to initiate a hook-up and/or long-term relationship. The winkler consists of unzipping one's pants and waving one's penis at women until one of the women winks at the man doing the winkler thus confirming the hook-up.

Women with flabby labias and clitori have also been known to do the winkler.
"How did you meet such an intelligent, moral and beautiful woman so full of life and joy?"

"The winkler man, the winkler."

"How did you get frostbite on your clitoris?"

"The winkler sister, the winkler."
#pickup lines #sex #sexism #winkle #winklin
by dah Bodawg December 24, 2010
A word used by mostly 10-13 year old boys which means small penis.
"Yo Albert"
"What's up Wilson?"
"You have a small winkler"
"I'm telling on you!"
#penis #small #boy #funny #silly
by Lastryder April 12, 2009
The act of staying in front of a beverage fountain while drinking a drink out of a cup, nalgina, 20oz water bottle, etc. Then when finished with the drink, you immediately re-fill your drink while standing right in front of the drink fountain. Repeat as many times as desired.
"Man look at that kid pull a winkler in front of that red beverage fountain."
#drink #red #winkle #anger #nalgene
by franci October 16, 2005
the act of licking ones asshole then when done blow on it and it will tighten and loosen and look as if it is winking at you
i decided to give my girlfreind the winkler when we had nothing to do
#wink #winking #asshole #blow #contract
by camotoe May 11, 2006
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