the computer update which gives big porn companies and virus hacker people your ip address, your passwords, your ports, your address your fone your job, your wifes name, your daughters (ewwwwwwwwww) and installs trojans and deletes avi files so u cannot watch the kazaa downloaded files
the windows update ruined teh man with the lies to the wife, the staling of the daughters and the killage of his money
by asian September 08, 2003
Top Definition
a method of legitimately abstaining from doing any form of productive work
Boss: Hows that report coming on?
Slacker: Just doing a quick windows update
by mister November 12, 2003
The way Microsoft finds out that your copy of Windows is pirated
"Windows Update" has determined that your installation key is not valid, and therefore setup cannot proceed. Contact your system administrator for more information.
by DaveK September 06, 2003
a waste of time
Windows update How would you like us to waste your time today?
by The man October 18, 2001
the act of spying a fine specimen of the fairer sex undressing without having first closed the curtains.
"hey man, come here and look over the road... serious windows update!"
by Catachresis June 04, 2004
The thing I always cancel, yet seems to appear with a message when I shut down that says Windows Update "(not responding)"
Oh damn, windows update is not working again. Who Cares. "Would you like to send an error report?" Hell no!
by michiganwolverine February 02, 2004
(n.) - A utility installed on most newer Windows OS's, which is used for simple minded folk to easily ""fix"" the holes in common windows programs.
i. Bob doesn't understand how to update his computer in a proper manner, so he uses windows update instead.
by Agent Spork November 13, 2003
Another name for virus
OMFG my computer got infected by a Windows Update! OH NOES!
by Source November 12, 2003
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