A pointless insult to throw at mates.

A Window-Licker is a reference to a retard whom only posseses the ability to twist his/her head and lick uncontrollably. Then crossed with the hilarious image of one licking a window.
Can be used in a one phrase sentence I.E 'Lickie-Window!'
Harry trys to ink bomb a person 2 rows infront in school. He proceeds to launch it, missing, hitting ginger haired, cadet crazed form teacher.
Aaron: (retard sounds) Lickie-Window Harry!

Tom: Lawrence is such a Window-Licker! Look at him play cricket!
by Harry Crompton February 17, 2009
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A retard who sits in the back of the sunshine bus, licking the window whilst staring at you
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
(derogatory) ~ sl.: euphemism for a person of mentally challenged status. Etymology: C20 - Derived from the stereotyped behaviour of mentally challenged people, observed to place their open mouths into prolongued contact with the external windows of public or private transport on which they are seated.
It is offensive and wrong to name a person people who is mentally challenged a 'window licker' or a 'retard'.
by zalzalahbutt November 25, 2006
noun: A windowlicker is a derogatory, informal description of someone with severe learning disabilities and/or a physical incapacity which renders them helpless when faced with the prospect of seeing a stranger through a window without smearing their mucus covered tongues all over the glass, possibly as some kind of retard greeting.

Alternatives are 'spaz' or 'mongole'.
Small child: Tee hee, look at those windowlickers!!!!

Mother: You shouldn't be unkind, they are people too

Small child: Eugh! Look at that one windowlicker with the snotty nose!

Mother: Tee hee! They are funny aren't they!
by Urban Dictionary May 20, 2005
A mentally challenged person riding on "the short bus".

aka: Adams or Negative Waves
The window lickers on the short bus have faces pressed against the window with their tongues hanging out.
by Ann Onimuous December 03, 2003
Common term used to describe a retard.
Look at that short bus full of window lickers!
by Domenic April 23, 2003
a mentally challenged person, a mentally retarded person(derogatory)
That kid is nothing but a window licker.
by Light Joker May 21, 2007
a person who wears a helmet on the little bus to school . While looking out the window at whatever proceeds to lick the windows on the bus
look at that windowlicker on the tart cart bus..
by strobe blinker February 06, 2006

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