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the agonizing scream of a trapped turd.
"Man, I was so constipated the other day ... I was letting out all kinds of windjammers left and right but couldn't close the deal in the bathroom."
by The Frankman October 14, 2008
Extremly large turd that causes huge amounts of pain when being passed.
arrrrrrrrghhhhh is normally the expression that goes with windjammer
by paul December 25, 2003
Someone who tends to talk a lot, often unnecessarily, or about unimportant things.
I can't STAND phone calls from Janice. She's such a windjammer. I can't get a word in edgewise, and at the end of the call, I always feel like it's an hour of my life I will never be able to get back.
by AlexisD June 01, 2007
A bloke who pops his cock up your arse so you can,t fart
don,t drop your soap in front of him..he,s a wind jammer
by taquin bleent June 09, 2005
the act of jamming a penis into a butthole to prevent a fart
this girl was about to fart but i gave her a windjammer so she wouldn't ruin our bone session.

"ugh the other day a girl farted while we were banging."
"dude you should have totally given her a windjammer."

hey babe im about to fart you want to come windjam this??
by DC Caddy 1 June 29, 2011
When passed gas exits up through the female genitals and gets caught up in the labia.
"Ouch! That windjammer kinda hurt!"
by m. word smith April 13, 2009
An individual that inserts their penis into anuses frequently.
Ohh man, my ass is killing me today said Phoebe.
It's that bloody windjammer Eric isn't it? replied Troy. He gave me an unbelievable windjamming session last Tuesday. OMG!!!
by countdoyle May 12, 2009

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