Something that's only wrong when it's not hot.
Ben 10: Alien Force could have such a wincest.

If you've seen it, you understand.
by Wenzel32 July 08, 2011
Incest (A.K.A. Wincest) is a perfectly normal, acceptable and natural act in which two people who are thoroughly related have sexual intercourse. This usually results in children who are very ugly and/or stupid, and in turn, fail at life. Such traits only appear on the first generation and if you have a whole bunch of incest babies then the ones with the defects will die off and it will weed out bad recessive genes and it results in genetically healthier offspring. But this only works if you have a lot, so if you do incest, have as many inborn babies as you can. Incest is one of the key tenets of /b/sexuality (i.e. one of the few things that can make a jaded /b/tard horny after being exposed to so much abstract pr0n), along with rape, pedophilia and gore.
Incest + WIN = WINcest
by desu² May 23, 2011
Winning at the game of "Incest"
Dude i totally you totally just wincest with your sister.
by SeeJayy1 December 12, 2010
When a person name Win makes sweet, sweet love to anyone in his immediate or extended family.
Win: Dude I had some epic, hardcore wincest last night.
Jack: Was it with Hope or your Mother?
Win: Neither, my father.
Win's Dad: 1,000 Gold!
by ShmurpleJammer January 21, 2011
Wincest is when you screw around with your PC. Combination of Windows, the OS, and incest, since with the amount of time you spend on your computer it's like a family member. You usually get some sort of STD from it, since the virus disabled the firewall.
It includes but is not limited to: adding RAM, updating drivers, installing new software/hardware, and actually humping the damn thing because you're so lonely.

It is also used to describe awesome incest, but that's a swiftly aging meme.
Wincest? This dude is seriously still calling anything that? Get a life dude.
Oh my god see that guy with his laptop all opened up? Total wincest, get a room dude.
by Scrambled gEsg November 10, 2010
The city of winsted connecticut
"where are you from?" "well golly, i dun be from dat dang wincest"
by nhfdcadet March 15, 2008

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