A less suitable name for Windows 98 and later--Swiss Cheese is better.
I've got Winblows Me and there's almost no support for it!
by boarder8925 August 27, 2003
Top Definition
A play on words. Used by people who don't like the Windows operating sysytem.
Yes, it does.
by Shang November 12, 2003
This is a actual OS/OS layover that you can buy or get. It is a parody of windows and is named Windblows by:Microshaft. I don't think it even exists anymore but still it was funny at one point.
Microshaft Winblows 98
by Alex April 06, 2004
The name IT professionals give to any version of operating system made my MicroSatan (Mircosoft).
Man, I went to fix that customers computer, and you would know, Winblows was on it.
by MistresBlue March 06, 2007
Definition made on urbandictionary.com by macintrash users because there is not much else to do on a macintosh
Mac user: Opens up Microsoft Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition and defines "Winblows" on urbandictionary.com
by p00flake July 18, 2006
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