originally used as a normal word in phrases such as "we win the championship" "I will win this trophy" etc. But since the rise of online gaming, it has been used more and more out of context, and has developed into a nerd slang term.

Instead of using proper grammar, these geeks say "win" every time they see something funny or amusing. (See example).

I do not know how this is a "cool" word, but like I previously said, it's nerd lingo.
Nerd after watching a Naruto marathon: This show is win!!
by doggyboggyboi July 28, 2009
In imageboard culture, nudity.
Cute pics of this girl but sadly no win. :(
by CharleyBerkins August 01, 2007
all you do is
win ; all you do is
by shannnonnxoxo November 15, 2010
W.I.N stands for Wank Induced Nap

After a wholehearted bit of masturbation rewarding your hard work with a well earned nap
Guy #1: dude where the fuck has alys been all day?

Guy #2: i duno bro, i heard rhythmic bed creaking from her room this morning so i guess she is having a massive W.I.N
by splooeymayo906 January 08, 2011
convincing a girl on webcam to show her vagina
Dude, i was watching bootyshaker69 last night and i got epic win
by douchebag1918 August 25, 2008
(1) v. To place first in a competition by achieving victory

(2) n. Anything that can by synonymously defined as awesome, excellent, rad, or unexpectedly badass, Usually used in conjunction with "epic" to describe a positive event or mind-blowing occurrence.

(3) n. A word contained in the acronym FTW to describe the delivery of a specific victory/goal. Usually describes an impressive achievement.
(1) In 2010, the Saints won the Superbowl.

(2) Dude, that party last night was so epic. If feel like shit but it was still a win.

(3) And tonight, I'm banging her best friend - FTW!
by Ecbunn January 04, 2011
Someone who has a nice home shaved mullet and is just straight up steezy... usually a guy named andrew can be win.
Dude that guy is so Win.
by The Genius Sk8ter Not Hater November 02, 2010
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