1. the word that cannot be spoken
2. WIN is not a number. It is not a name. It is not a verb or a noun or an adjective

it is simply win

the only two people who win know who they are. i see you

hannah and mandeep
He totally wins.
by Hannah and Mandeep August 27, 2010
When a group of people do crazy enough things to be the essence of win.
Man, the NWO crew IS win.
by RandyRickards July 20, 2012
What famous actor Charlie Sheen believes hes doing everyday but he just says that cause he got kicked off his show.
Charlie: I win at this I win at that I win at everything

viewer: Yeah okay charlie!
by the last mertoff March 10, 2011
That which people named Danger do.
Oh, Danger man wins!

Dude, I know!
by dr great March 04, 2010
(verb) to beat other people at something.
(adjective) something good.

-made by shane lewis
Norton:Man i totally plowed this hot chick last night!

Tom:Really man? WIN!
by Tehcompanydotnet May 11, 2009
Whip Inflation Now. It was a pin people were encouraged by Gerald R. Ford to wear in the 1970's to discourage runnaway inflation.
Geez, I wonder why Bush hasn't broken open Gerald Ford's surplus WIN buttons, inflation is going to get serious if he doesn't do it soon. It may have taken 15-20 years and a couple recessions but those WIN buttons really did the trick.
by mlhiss April 04, 2008
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