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That's the longest Internet-acronym i've ever heard. It does mean:

Rolling on the floor laughing biting the carpet dancing in circles and jumping through the window almost dieing by smashing into HP who's then running horrified into the street beeing killed accidentally by a yellow bulldozer.
A: woo! i'm the haxxor!
by Visor December 08, 2003
eot = End of Topic
- Okay, eot.
- EOT.
by Visor December 13, 2003
"rlz" mean rulez (rules, rule)
- Linux RedHat 17.2 rulezzz!
- No, Windows 2010 rlz!
by Visor December 08, 2003
k = OK

simple :)
- Can you do it now? :)
- K
by Visor December 08, 2003
In polish language it means:
- Kurwa, alem sie zajebal.
- Osz kurwa, jaki bambus.
- Kuc to najwieksza kurwa.
by Visor December 08, 2003
"1337N355" does mean leetness
- woo! i'm the 1337N355
by Visor December 08, 2003
"vanilla quake 3" - Quake 3: Arena game without modifications, just Quake 3: Arena based on baseq3 with default physics.
- What physics of quake 3 do you preffer?
- I recommend vq3.
by Visor December 08, 2003
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