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To have bad luck; A situation that has ended in the worst possible manner.
When that car took that turn too fast, it flipped into that ditch and really got wilsoned.

I really wilsoned that test and failed.
by davidbarry123 June 09, 2006
Refers to someone who shits their pants
I almost Wilsoned myself after eating Taco Bell.
by theinformer September 21, 2005
After your boyfriend guilt forces you into giving him fellatio while on your period, you go to the bathroom, inundate your hand with period blood and then palm him in the face (as Tom Hanks did to his Wilson volleyball in Cast Away)
"Asshole made me give him 3 blowies on day after the third one I Wilson'ed that fucker in tha face!"
by Double dose flu shot April 04, 2012
When a guy cheats on you with your own "friend" and the situation gets ugly, usually ending in a cat fight and his car getting tamponed.
I've been Wilsoned again. I cant believe you Wilsoned me. Maybe she has self esteem issues because she's been Wilsoned before.
by CrazyClub October 14, 2011
When letting your emotions get the best of you and instead of using your inner voice you blurt out what you were thinking at the worst of times and location.
Steve can’t believe he wilsoned out “nice ass” as he waited in line at the grocery store checkout.
by kidgoat September 11, 2009
To be passed over or forgotten, particularly in the sequence of the ordering and then receiving of food.
"I ordered my tacos before you ordered, but you already got your chicken sandwich. I hate getting Wilsoned like that."
by PeterB July 31, 2006
To conquer
We have wilsoned the other team now to start rebuilding.

The captain has wilsoned the other countries border.
by Julian Wilson February 03, 2013
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