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1. Using a search engine to troubleshoot a problem.
Not knowing the error code he used google to troublesearch the issue. Troublesearching is a fast way to find solutions.
by kidgoat April 22, 2009
Jumping in your movie seat with a container of popcorn causing the popcorn to fly up in the air like a volcano.
While watching Halloween X there was a scary scene that resulted in several popcorn volcanoes.
by kidgoat April 06, 2011
When letting your emotions get the best of you and instead of using your inner voice you blurt out what you were thinking at the worst of times and location.
Steve can’t believe he wilsoned out “nice ass” as he waited in line at the grocery store checkout.
by kidgoat September 11, 2009
Combining a vacation with an event such as a baseball game or concert.
I’m going to Toronto for an eventcation to watch the Red Sox pummel the Blue Jays.
by kidgoat September 30, 2010

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