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Like a step child of language, a very underused contraction of will and not becoming simply willn't.
I'm so sad Tiffany willn't get naked.
I willn't stop trying.
by Taylor March 04, 2005
A new aged contraction invented by AJ that takes the place of of the complex two word phrase "will not." but the key to this term is that it can only be used in a response to a stupid or unthoughtout sketch situation or manuvere.
"Hey AJ, you can't drive with out any lug nuts on your truck, the wheel will fall off."-Joe

"No it will'nt." -AJ
by ApeBike August 28, 2006
Will Not
Greg - "Hey man will you take out the trash?..." Tim - "Fuck no Greg, I willn't take out the trash..."
by Webster Inventor of Words November 11, 2010
a contraption for the phrase "will not," not to be confused with "won't," which just makes no sense
I willn't listen to you.
by Grammar_Nazi1939 February 27, 2010
willn't- you get all the wouldn't and couldn't so why not a will not one hey you now it makes sense
oh i willn't doit it fool
by alex levy September 20, 2007
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