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The Quintessential British Preppy Brand

A clothes brand, the british alternative to Abercrombie and Fitch but much more exclusive to those who can afford it. JW has a rock solid, traditional British heritage, inspired by vintage sportswear, beachwear and classic British public school style. It is the epitome of British preppy cool. Customers who are mainly sloanes and preps are unarguably beautiful and sexy. They are the popular guys and girls in class. They are confident and they ooze effortless style. They adore a hedonistic party. And they are ever so, ever so laid back. It is the complete opposite to anything remotely chavvy such as adidias or lonsdale.
Sloane- hey darls, dont you just love my new jack wills trackies

Sloane 2- er yar, theyre far superior to those common adidas ones worn by the peasants.

sloane- how could they wear such cheap rubbish.
by polo_player May 11, 2006
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