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what women say when they mean the opposite
Man: "Hey Carrie its Arnold from the bar, call me tonite and we'll get another drink."

Woman: "OK, will do."
by santi11 January 18, 2010
The response to a request, favour, or order. When you really want to say leave me alone Fucktard!
Me: Can you return the $50 I gave you?
You: Will do!
by PlayfulCan0358 March 12, 2014
1. a dildo made by someone called will.
2. a dildo used by someone called will.
1. hey will can i buy one of your finely made willdo's? i hear they're the best in the west.
2. will do you still use your willdo or can i buy it as a present for the wife?
by oi bastard April 25, 2009
A soft comforter that goes under sheets on a bed to make it more comfortable.
"I put a willdo under my pillow, so sex with the girlfriend should be even easier!"
by Dokuro-chan November 23, 2007