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Wilkomuntii is a magical moment which occurs very rarely in time. Wilkomuntii occurs only when all numbers on a digital clock face are palindrome. The origin of the word Wilkomuntii is unclear.
The ultimate Wilkomuntii is said to be when both the time and date are alligned.
Regular Wilkomuntii:
Ultimate Wilkomuntii:
11:11:11 on the 11/11/11
by Jose Conseiko August 14, 2005
(Pronounced vil-ko-mun-ti) The period of time when the time on a digital clock is a palindrome or both numbers are the same. Can be in 12 hour or 24 hour format. Wilkomuntii is more said to be stronger if the date and/or month is the same as well.
10:10,date: 10/10
The "Ultimate Wilkomuntii" is said to be seen where the year is also conntected, eg. the last Ultimate Wilkomuntii to have occurred was at 20:02 20/02/2002 (dd/mm/yyyy)
by Michael Hrysicos October 02, 2005
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