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One who, while enthusiastically engaging in vaginal sex suffers slippageand hurriedly rams the offending phallus home into his unsuspecting partner's equally unsuspecting rump.
Hungover Dude #1: Man, last nite when I was givin' the ol' hogleg to Donna, it slipped out and I just lined 'er back up and rammed it right in her brown ring.

Hungover Dude #2: Stevie, that is why you, my friend, are the brown ring king!
(High fives are exchanged and beers are opened)
by Chesai August 22, 2006
Widow I'd Like to Fuck. A recently widowed man or woman who is so hot you find yourself thinking, "Man, that is a widow I'd like to fuck."
At the funeral of a childhood friend while his wife is hanging on to you, crying with a broken heart's desperation with mad gesticulation and gyrations, all you can think is, "I hope I don't sport wood because this is a WILF."
by Chesai August 23, 2006

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