What was I Looking For?

Surfing the web aimlessly, or going off on a tangent whilst looking for something else on the web. Possibly a form of new-age procrastination/distraction.
This is why I am on this website, I have just stumbled across it whilst casually wilf-ing as i have nothing better to do/am avoiding work etc.
by E R D April 15, 2007
(of a person) Appearing to shrink out of fear or embarrassment.
The school boy wilfed when he saw his test grade.
*Wilfs at the thought of being away from home for a week*
Jimmy wilfed when he tried to talk with Susan and no words came out.
by Storeo May 19, 2011
Weatherman I'd Like to Fuck
Colin Briggs came into my show yesterday, he'sa total WILF!!!!!
by TibbyWibbyTeabag December 12, 2010
Whale I would like to fuck
There are lots of wilfs around the oxnard cabin.
by wilfmister September 30, 2010
werewolf i'd like (to) fuck
dayummm Jacob Black is a wilf in new moon
by gingaah December 21, 2009
A total loser

Someone who can calculate the cubic capacity of a tin of beans but is unable to work the tin opener.


A four letter abusive expletive you can use in public because nobody knows what it means
That GordenBrown is a total WILF

Brian got pissed last night and acted like a total WILF

You're acting like a WILF
by guzzigeezer December 09, 2009
Werewolf I'd like to fuck
Jacob Black is a wilf.
by SABUHT November 26, 2009
wife I'd like to forget
i dont have one for wilf
by zippy sr November 03, 2008

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