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when ur on Wikipedia and u wind up on a random page after clicking on 20 links and wonder how you got to "Freudian slip".
Similar to a pornado but currently virus-free.
I was doing a research paper on the history of cockroaches in Puerto Rican households when i wound up on Cearadactylus and was like whoa, wtf, total wikidemic.
by d.d. Pablo & Gucci Liz January 24, 2010
Someone whose seemingly-omniscient, categorical knowledge of any and every subject is derived solely from superficial wanderings through Wikipedia.
Person A: "That guy in the front row knows everything! He makes Steve Jobs look like an infant. Why isn't HE giving the lecture?"

Person B: "Nah, that guy's bogus. Total wikidemic. He hasn't hit the books or had any real professional experience in his life. He's got a degree in Animal Husbandry or Basket Weaving or something."
by Andrew Badera March 31, 2008

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