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a term used to define something, someone,or event that is not good
"Yo that party last nite was wiggity"
"That shit is wiggity son"
"Ah, that bi**h is wiggity"
by Akera-Shineke March 05, 2006
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it means everything. it's like aloha. socially acceptable. used to replace song lyrics.

however, it also means a penguin-loving, London-loving, Northeastern-loving, crying, West-coast-Best-coast dating, nacho-making, irrelevant elephant, and creamsicle drinking potential child predator
1) "Oh man did you see that Brendan Wakeham?! He's so wiggity!"

2) "Eli Manning is so wiggity! I love him more than Tom Brady and life itself!"

3) "Peace out girl scout...wiggity"
by wiggitywakes March 21, 2012
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