A male caucasion, usually born and raised in the suburbs that displays a strong desire to emulate African American Hip Hop culture and style through "Bling" fashion and generally accepted "thug life" guiding principles. Ryan James of Roanoke VA is the king of them.
Ryan: Yo my nigga imma drag my feet n shit nigga
Everyone else: Shut the fuck up Wigger
by jakesmiley666 May 06, 2013
A white suburban person that thinks they're black. They are seen mimicking the mannerisms and clothing of a black ghetto kid. They do this because they think they look cool, when in reality, people view them as pathetic and wannabes, hence the term wigger(Wannabe Nigger). They talk in ghetto slang used by black ghetto kids and are uneducated. Their grammar is an english teacher's nightmare and they can't type properly.

They are one of the prime examples of white trash.
Wigger: "Y000 dAwGz WaTZ G000D EH?!!111ONE!!!111
Translation: Hi, how are you?

Wigger: AW H3LL NAWWWW M4N WAT THE SH11ZZLLEE??!!!!11111
Translation: What? That sucks.

Wigger: KBaI M3N PcE oUt H0MEDAWGZZZ~~~!!!!!!!!
Translation: Later guys.

Wigger: WaT the FAAKIN sHiZzZzZleZZZ M3N IMA cUt U 2NIT3!!! U NO BE MESIN ROUND WIT M3H!!!!!!111111ONE!!!111111 Y U GOIN UP IN MAH GR1LLL BOI????/
Translation: You are an idiot.
by Marco K. May 27, 2010
A wigger also called poser, is a shortening of white (some say wannabe) nigger. These people often talk about the ghetto but live in gated communities. They act like your average, typical, unedgicated nigger. they are rich little bitches who talk like "Bitch say dat agin an im own pop a cap in yo mo-fuckin ass nigga!" They are hung like squirrels, and are as smart as your average toddler. They often spread hate about other social groups such as emo, gothic, etc. Long story short, they just need to fuck off and die.
Wigger 1: "Yo nigga, you wana see my 5 story mansion? it so gangsta bitch."
Wigger 2:" hellz yea nigga. but first i gotz to go to polo practice. im so gangsta when it comes to ridin horses. I even named my horse tupac."
Wigger 1: aight dawg ill catch yo ass lata
by WiggerHater2008 December 05, 2008
A white kid trying to act as if he is much older, and has much darker skin, especially populating large suburban areas of the south.They drive large trucks that are paid for by their parents, or crappy cars that they paid for - usually with the sound system costing more than the vehicle. They prefer whatever slang is popular amongst current bad rap artists, or 90% of all music stations in Montgomery, Alabama. Oddly they are not seen very much around the people they are trying to emulate - probably because even thugs can spot a dumb ass. They populate convenience store parking lots late at night, after being run off by cops at Wal Mart. They indulge in the expensive habits of buying rillos (or even worse graparillos) to roll joints and try as hard as they can to sound ghetto unless a person of authority is around - at which point they sound just like any other dumb redneck kid.Especially offensive terms like nigga are used for any other white friend, and faggot refers to anything they don't understand. Which is usually a lot.
That stupid fucking wigger would get his ass kicked if he ever showed up in ANY hood.

If that fucking wigger calls me pimpin one more time, I'm gonna shove a John Denver record up his ass.

Why do all these wiggers think Scarface and Tupac are heroes? And what's with Bob Marley- like they'd listen to anything that isn't played on the radio.

No we don't have Krunk Juice you fucking cunt!
by Use spell check, you morons! August 15, 2008
A white teen that thinks hes badass cuz he wears a "2 pac" shirt. They only walk around town with 13 other people cuz they know they are hated.
wigger: "yo im gonna beat the shit out chu!"

Normal kid: "try it wigger."

wigger: "uhh i got to go get my dentures and go be a pussy somewhere else.... sorry nigga."
by Rebel Son July 13, 2008
A caucasian male or female that usually reside in upper or middle class suburbs that choose to imitate African American slang and culture and pretty much live a fake lifestyle.
That wigger is trying too hard to act black.
by SamuraiNegro407 July 11, 2008
a white guy that tries to be down with black people and they think they are black
man white boy you try to hard to act black. you aint nothing but a wigger
by candace mcc. May 14, 2007

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