A wanna be black brother who wears their pants at their mid thigh so as to show their ass and underwear all the time. They used to drive whoopties and or other vehicles that are dropped to the ground. Currently wiggers dress as such and drive retired police cars that they bought at an auction. They still the have spot lights in place with a redneck lift kit and 24 inch treads.
One black brother speaking to another..." 'sup my nig?, did you see that stupid wigger mutha fucka"
by shizzyforrizzie November 30, 2007
a white person who thinks they are black.
Lucas Robinson
by Chris December 14, 2003
Most everyone on here is very racist, that's what I will start by saying.

You know how you guys dress the way your favorite bands do? Well if someone likes a rap a lot, they might want to dress the way their favorite rappers/idols dress. It shouldn't be about race. Most of these kids who dress like this had a bad childhood, and they turn to rap/graffiti as something they can be involved in. It makes them feel like they're apart of something. You people just jump right to thinking that they think they're black, or that they want to be black, which in reality is far from true. Some of these people who you call a "wigger" can be a normal person, they don't all act hard/stupid like you people think.
If you call someone a wigger, then you're racist.
by Skuf March 18, 2007
A white person who tries to impress black people by talking in ebonics. Wiggers have a self esteem issue and are therefore unable to be themselves. They feel the need to impress people by stealing other people's personalities.
Jamie Pickett and Lee Brewer
by Cambridge October 30, 2003
An epithet that is applied to a modern youth, or youths who emulate the African American's Stereotypical ways of life. Such people are often quite ignorant about the true culture of such, and they tend to insult the African American's culture and status by referring to them as niggers, And then say that all black people act like hoodlums and criminals. The truth is that all cultures and races have stereotypical traits, yet these people who act wannabe-black probably don't realize or care that their behaviors could be seen as making a mockery out of another ethnic group's culture and way of life. This is why some "Wiggers" are never truly accepted by either the African American community or by their own race.
Jacob is a wigger who thinks that Black people all act, dress, and talk the same, he calls his white buddies "nigga" yet he probably doesn't have enough balls to dare call a black that way. Wannabe Black Wankster poser to an African American man: Yo sup mah nigga? African American: What!!
"White Kid" gets killed.
by Phaenixdrools January 31, 2009
Old lady with a hair style/color that appears to be a wig, even though it is not. Examples include vibrant orange hair that has spent many nights in velcro rollers, and hair that looks as though it is still contained in a hair net.
Blanche is a wigger.

(on left) http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/The-Golden-Girls-Photograph-C10102807.jpeg
by Rose Bush August 16, 2008
There is 4 baisic definition's of the word "Wigger", "Wangsta", or "Wigga"...

The first would be what I would like to call the alibaster ghetto child category:
This person despite the fact that he is white was raised around predominantly Black's, or Hispanic's... Whether in his neighborhood, school, or even his own family, because I have known white children to be adopted by Black Family's...
Thus this child obviously being a product of his upbringing will be more connected to African American culture than the average Caucausion. He/She may find themselves more comfortable around Black people, may speak like the steriotypical Black, listen to the same music, Wear the same type of cloth's, and later in life be more sexual attracted to Black, or Latina women than his own race. This person is often more accepted by Blacks than Whites, and the majority of there friend's will be Black, becuase they understand, an have been raised in an African American Esque environment, thus they share the same tastes, humor, and experiences as them. They also usually find white custum's weird, an understand African American culture, an appreciate it more than there own. You cannot see one of thease right away. You must first know them. I personally fit into this category. I was born, and raised most of my life in Public Housing, but just recently thru my aunt moved to the suberbs.

The next one I would like to categorize asThe Hip Hop Head:

Despite the fact this child was never raised in predominantly Black, or Latina areas, he feels a strong connection with them, based on the fact he in his life may have suffered thru poverty, divorce, or drug addiction in the family, thus relates more to Hip Hop Music more than any other art form, giving him a stronger tie to African American's, and there culture than his white friend's, and family.
This person may just enjoy African American music... R&B, Soul, Jazz, & Hip Hop... A saying comes to mind... Hip Hop is not music, it is a lifestyle. This is true. If you listen to alot of Hip Hop, an im not talking about that mainstream garbage on the radio, but true Hip Hop from the streets. If you listen to Hip Hop, Hip Hop becomes you. You will wear Hip Hop, Speak Hip Hop, and think Hip Hop... This right here is the holy grail of a wigger, because they have immense cultural understanding and love of both White, an Black culture, despite never truly being part of Black culture... These are the people that if it was the slave day's would oppose, and abolish racism... Treating them bad is unaccaptable, because they are merely people who love all people, and culutures... I have a friend who goes by the Name Baller516, and he embody's, and lives this.

The next in line is "The Confused Child":
This wigger, although embody's a small part of the wigger population, is the steriotypical wigger that everyone say's that all wigger's are... This person was most likely raised in a upper class area, but during the teenage years hered Hip Hop music for the first time. Thease kids usually listen to artist's like D4L, or Dem Franchize Boyz, and other garbage like that. They see Rappers on TV for the first time. They then stand in the mirror, try to emulate them, start trying to understand there humor, and the way they live. Usually when a Black person comes around them, even if the Black person is an upper class "Preppy" person, they will try to speak more "Hood" to look cool. 90% of the time when they try to speak hood they sound pathetic, and funny, even to other wigger's, and it is obvious why, because people cannot live a lie, and try to be who they are not. Thease are the rapid transition kids... One day they are wearing Abercrombie, the next it's a fitted, and a long tee. Give this poor confused children time. They grow out of there obbsession with "Living Black" in at the most a few years, and then they will go back to normal. Alot of times thease kid's will try to prove how hard they are to everyone, thinking that all Black people are gangstas because they dont actually know any black people. They just emulate whats on TV. They try hard, but almost always fail... Like I said, give them time, and they will grow out of it.
Thease are easy to spot. They often go all out with the chains, and over baggy cloths just to prove how Black they really are. They usually have horrible English, and pretty much just act like faggots. Contrary to this, the other types of wiggers usually use good English, and have there own personal dress style, they don't copy someone else, cause it is truely who they are...
Wiggers like this truely fuck it up for the rest of the good ones that are just culture wise, aware, and accepting... If you embody this last category, please stop...Now. No one will like you, and other wiggers will not like you cause you are the steriotype that makes everyone hate them for no reason.
There is hope for thease... Thru being exposed to more African American Culture, and learning more about true Hip Hop, and listening to good Black music, not garbage that goes... "I have a big dick, im gangsta I ride rims hoe." Thease wiggers can possibly blossom into Hip Hop Head wiggers, although it is grim, and even under the best circumstances it is rare, nothing is impossible.
There is none... A wigger is a normal person. All people are different. Also for the record most wiggers use the N-Word less often than "Normal" white people, despite what there critics claim. Alot of thease people dont really know any wiggers, they just watch Malbu's most wanted, than laugh at every wigger they see, not bothering to talk to them, thinking they are all the same.
by JPP_Ressurected August 20, 2006

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