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wigbilly - a term used to describe a person from a small farming community that listens to rap music.
Dane is from Montana, and listens to rap music. what a wigbilly
by |-|477u>< May 07, 2005
A small-town (or at least small-minded) white person who is obsessed with what MTV says is black urban culture.

A person who, while they may be wishing to be black, may actually be racist against black people.
Leroy's grandpa manned the firehoses, and he claims to have an internet girlfriend from the ghetto.

Leroy is a textbook wigbilly.
by edward_violet December 10, 2009
A recent occurence of the combination of a hillbilly and a wigger (or white person who acts black or ghetto). The term is used as an insult to describe someone who fits the charachteristics of a wigbilly.
You may see a wigbilly in various small towns across America or maybe working at one of their favorite restaurants, McDonalds, which is also where their life career is.
by andro333 August 16, 2007
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