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A recent occurence of the combination of a hillbilly and a wigger (or white person who acts black or ghetto). The term is used as an insult to describe someone who fits the charachteristics of a wigbilly.
You may see a wigbilly in various small towns across America or maybe working at one of their favorite restaurants, McDonalds, which is also where their life career is.
by andro333 August 16, 2007
Greeks border on obsessive behavior in many aspects and also claim to invent everything when they are really simple people who believe in stupid shit like spraying windex on cuts. Arguing and discussing things logically with greeks is near impossible because they will just make up things.
I had a Greek girlfriend once... I couldnt put up with her unrelenting mouth and bullshit so I hit it and quit it.

Man that Greek claimed that Greeks invented a time machine already.
by andro333 August 16, 2007

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