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To focus one's attention on a particular woman as opposed to being with male friends.
If one is found wifin' in a club, there is usually a twenty dollar fee.
Gerald: Hey man, stop wifin' with Meg and hang out with your mates!
Jeff: No way, man! I've been wifin' all day!
Meg: Jeff - who's that tall guy coming over here?
Slenderman: No wifin' in da club. Gimme $20.
by the AWPerator August 28, 2012
(vb.) Action of intimacy strictly forbidden in most clubs, under penalty of a twenty dollar fee.
Kermit got caught wifin' in da club, so he had to pay Mr. Browz $20.
by designated deriver February 15, 2011
A $20 bill
Person 1: The Orange Box is only $30 (That's like 1 1/2 wifin's)

Person 2: I actually got it for $12 at EB Games. That's just over half a wifin'.
by IAIN'TGOTAFACE June 30, 2010