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A goofy or clumsy but lovable person.
James stacked his bike on the way to our date last night, he's such a widgit!
by Dana June 16, 2006
When In Doubt Google IT
Paul: I'm trying to think of Newton's Laws of Motion.
Michael: Dude, WIDGIT
by TheOmegaRassilon August 22, 2010
A slang term for a random object, usually a TV remote.
Possibly a regional phrase, but most used when the speaker forgets the name of the item in question, and stammers, looking for a word to describe the object he or she speaks of.
"Have you seen the, um, the WIDGIT anywhere?

"Pass the whatjermacallit, the WIDGIT would you?"
by Oli Lee May 24, 2007
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