A noun for a nicely shaped, but oversized ass on a female.
Emanuel likes widescreen, so he's gonna go look for a girl with an ass.
by Jon Ace March 09, 2006
1.effect of weed after a joint or two everything feels like a movie and turns wide screen
2.another one of the many names of weed
ex1.) dude everythings turnin widescreen hahaha(geekn out)
ex2.) nigga im on that widescreen it got me feeln allright
by halfnhalf September 29, 2007
what asians see in, due to the slant of their eyelids. If you don't know what i'm talking about, take your index fingers and put all the coners of your eyes, Thus making your vision Widescreen!
Why can't you read that, little asian boy? oh, i understand, you read in widescreen.
by xxxscenexxx October 05, 2005

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