Word used to describe someone who regularly uses cannabis or weed or is very stoned at any one time.
ur Such a Wicker ,Man!
by Tom the wicker February 18, 2008
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verb. To inappropriatly fondel another while they are sleeping.
"He totally tried to wicker me last night!"
(When a girl is sleeping in ones presence) "I bet you could wicker her tonight."
by Cory Sheetz November 20, 2006
able to consumer massive amounts of intoxicating substances, well hung BBC, one who starts the cool trends with extra medium t-shirts, flawless sense of style
"oh my god i'm so wasted, but wicker is still going"...(lady from the back of the room) "i hear he has a nice package!"
by wicker February 05, 2005
A variation of 'Wicked'. Best prefixed with 'Absolutely' for maximum effect.
Roger, this guacamole tastes absolutely wickers.

I do not feel wickers after eating that shrimp coleslaw.
by lilinrose March 30, 2012
Bajan (barbadian) slang for lesbian...
She seems like wicker fi me
by weez August 30, 2005
1.cooler than cool.
2.whats up
3.im extremely bored
"Wickers" "W3rd"
by Bob Dole October 10, 2003
to describe a thin man or woman
that bird was well wicker
by johno316 August 13, 2011

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