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1: something awesome that is at the same time not awesome.

2:Something Spiffy that is to be collected

3: a way of describing Chuck Norris

4: Something that is dangerous but is likely to be done anyways
1 When Jill tossed the bottle of hairspray into the fire the blast was Super-Wicked-Ninja-cool as it got us kicked out

1 when jack farted i couldn't breathe but it was Super-wicked-Ninja-cool as his sister passed out

2 Didja see that Mustange? it was Super-wicked-Ninja-cool

3 Chuck Norris is Super-wicked-Ninja-cool

4 it was Super-wicked-Ninja-cool when Tommy jumped on that wild bull and rode him across the field
by Levian July 23, 2009

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