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women, infants, and children. a government program for low-income preggers & they babies
where you got that infant formula?

i'm on wic!
by candybaby May 06, 2005
Abbreviation of "Women, Infants, & Children." WIC is a government program that provides free grocery items, such as milk, cheese, and baby formula to low-income women and their babies. WIC is almost always used by white women between the ages of 18 and 25 who foreknowingly have more children than they know they can afford.
Mary held up the line at the grocery store because she had three separate WIC orders.
by bizzlereezy November 10, 2008
World in Conflict
A RTT/RTS game by Massive Entertamient and Sierra for PC

AA game
Wow WIC was a great face paced action game
by bill123143432 December 03, 2007
A lazy and cool way of say wicked. More often used in texting than the spoken language. It is typically used as an affirmative response to something you totally agree with. Also refer to toats.
Jane: I just got a job with the assistant chairman!
Bob: wics!!
by Denis Baudin August 24, 2006
an asshole who thinks their THE shit but their actually A shit.
Ew look at that wic over there!
by sugardaddy666 February 02, 2014
Worthless ignorant cunts
those idiots in positions of power contribute nothing but worthlessness. They are such Wic's.
by Squilliam November 13, 2006
it's a slang term for white irish catholic
That new kid is school is such a wic!
by james November 27, 2003
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