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slang that is used to mean "what the fuck is up?"
is also an anti-tobacco ad capaign
shelly.. whudafxup w/that?
by dfhdfh June 26, 2006
10 7
1) Stands for what the fuck is up?

2) A commercial trying to inform people about "Big Tobacco's crazy ways and addictive products"
whudafxup with that!?

WOW, I love that whudafxup commercial!
by bockz April 10, 2007
94 35
a clever way to say "what the fucks up" without actually cursing.
"whudafxup with that shirt? its so ugly!"
by rachiebear! October 19, 2006
40 73
What a F*** up!! ie bonehead
There is no "is" in whudafxup, figure it out people.
by scamp13 February 07, 2008
6 58
The lamest, stupidest, gayest commercials about cigarettes.
Whudafxup is a gay commercial.
by BigZaccyStyle September 14, 2006
109 196